Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Like This!

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to....a Rottweiler??  Yes, that's right. A little piglet was abandoned from her mom; the runt of a litter of 13 in a countryside Welsh community. But fear not. This little piglet was taken in by a Rottweiler who had just given birth to 8 puppies a week earlier, as the mom's motherly instinct took over and saved this little pink fella.

Thanks to the San Diego Reader for providing this great story and wonderful pic!

I think this proves that anything is possible.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not by Sight

New York Yankee outfielder Ibanez stepped up to the plate and hit a tying solo shot to right-center with one out in the ninth off baseball's best closer, than hit another home run in the 12th inning to win a playoff game against the Baltimore Orioles a couple of weeks ago.

This unique feat reminded me of a Cubs game my dad took my brother and I to back in 1984 against the St. Louis Cardinals. A game still considered as one of the many historic games in Cubs history because of the unique feat accomplished by Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg: 2 home runs, 7 RBI's, and was 5-6 in hits for the game. The Cubs were battling from behind the whole entire game. Sandberg would hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game. In the bottom half of the 10th inning, trailing by 2 runs, Sandberg would tie the game again with a two-run homer. The Cubs went on to win the game in 11 innings.

It is with great displeasure for me to be reminded of this game because we did not get to see the unique finish. To explain why we missed the outcome I would first have to describe who my dad is when it comes to Chicago sports teams. He always was a skeptic when it came to either the lovable losing Chicago Cubs or the Chicago Bears (Chicago sport fans can relate to this). Although my father and I watched sports together, we never saw eye to eye on our teams, thus the reason for the childhood paper route so I could purchase my own television set to watch my own games.

So,  being the skeptic my dad was and being at a Cubs game where they had to keep coming back from large deficits, you could see how we missed this fantastic finish. And if your a Chicagoan and familiar with the lack of parking at Wrigley (I think we had to park 3 miles away), hence my father's reasoning for leaving before the bottom of the ninth heroics, and the tenth inning heroics, and the eleventh inning heroics...okay, I can't take this anymore!!

This momentary lack of faith in a sports moment reminded me of a scripture verse:

For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

There are countless numbers of scripture on walking by faith and not by sight, nor seeing things for the way they really are in the natural and just moving by faith.  A momentary lapse of faith is okay if it is just that, a momentary lapse, and if  we can quickly right the ship and go back to what God says about our situation, than our faith can be reignited.

If we can mix in God's Word on faith and the immortal words of  Yogi Berra, "It ain't over till it's over." than all is not lost.

Yes, even in sports we need faith.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Like This!

Hilliard was a father to children, a grandfather to: grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, and yes, even
great-great-great grandchildren. Hilliard passed away last week at the age of 98. His drivers license was just renewed for the 21st time just prior to his passing, which proves how amazingly sharp he was for his age.

And though he was 98 years old, Hilliard looked and was perceived by many as being a sharp 78 year old who had it all together.
He drove his Model T to car shows and was still able to fully maintain mechanically his prized possession.

I spent a couple of quality hours with this man just two years ago. I learned much about history, loving thy neighbor, and the importance of family that for him expanded over many generations. It was probably the most profound 2 hour conversation I may have ever had. Hilliard would spend time each day crocheting everything from towels to baby bibs to pot holders. As he crocheted me a towel, which I now use as at Art Fairs to clean my picture frames, Hilliard spoke of a time when our country was united. A time that many considered to be the greatest generation, the 1940's.

The Greatest Generation is also the title of a book about this unique period in our country's history written by Tom Brokaw. The book is filled with stories and interviews from those who lived within this era. During and after the depression folks of all ages,race, denominations and political parties remained united despite the living conditions that faced them. Everyone worked together to build a better America.

Though Hilliard was 96 at the time of our conversation, he spoke eloquently with much wisdom of an era he was proud to say he lived and grew within. He was a proud to be an American.

I hope all Americans will find themselves a Hilliard to speak to, it will change your life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moments From Here to Eternity

Your toes are sifting through the white sand as you lie on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii sipping a Mai Tai or an ice tea.Your feet are sore from hiking the plush green, rolling hills of Ireland. You burn with a great suntan as you bike around Coronado Island in San Diego. You sit within a cool evening breeze as you watch fireworks beyond the backdrop of a royal castle within Disney World. These magical moments are just some of the dreams we may all envision of doing at some time within our life.

Last week my dream of walking on the field of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium was a dream come true. To stand upon the giant star emblazoned in the middle of the field, and look up at the giant stadium of 92,000 seats was awe inspiring. It was a feeling hard to describe and more than what I was expecting. For me it was like heaven on earth.

This past week my church lost one of it's most prominent elder's who lost his fight to cancer but won a greater reward. Today Elder Alex is experiencing a lifetime moment that hopefully we all envision of seeing at the end of our life here on earth. A moment of being able to sit at the feet of The Almighty Heavenly Father for eternity. A moment like no other.

"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither." - C.S. Lewis

I like what C.S. Lewis is driving at with this quote:

If we make sitting at the feet of God for eternity our ultimate goal and we live it out here on earth through our worship and praise, and how we live our life for Him, He not only rewards us with eternal life, but fulfills those dreams we may have here on earth.
Which makes choosing to live a life for Him  a win-win situation.

Magical moments from here to eternity makes living for Him worthwhile.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Like This!

If your an avid sports fan, and have been since childhood, you know doubt have had a sports related dream you've been carrying with you since childhood. I'm a diehard football fan. It plays an important role in my life. Since at a very early age I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan, even though I've lived in Chicago my whole life. Yes I am a Bears fan, too. But my all time favorite is the Cowboys.

 I think it stems down from all those Thanksgiving family dinners at Grandpa's house and setting aside 3 pm each Thanksgiving Day for watching the Dallas Cowboys play. I think another role in this has to be the earlier tradional Thanksgiving game has always been the Detroit Lions, a bad team for many years. (need I say more)

As you read this post I am living out my childhood dream of not only going to the Chicago Bears versus Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium, but a tour which includes meeting former players, walking out onto the field, and touring the locker rooms. Doesn't get any better than that!

And thus, one of my childhood dreams has come true.